Primus Group provides one stop shop solutions for privacy and asset protection related legal and tax challenges. We carefully design and manage shelters for our clients providing them:

  • full asset protection,
  • absolute privacy,
  • tax benefits,
  • active asset management.

To achieve the above, we provide services as follows:

  • structuring in cooperation with foreign lawyers and tax advisers (Primus has its own domestic tax adviser and legal team),
  • trust set up in Hungary,
  • company set up (usually underlying companies under different trusts) in Hungary and upon client request in other jurisdiction in cooperation with our partners,
  • hybrid trust set up in Hungary,
  • trust migration to Hungary,
  • trust and company accounting and tax administration,
  • tax returns,
  • monthly and annual report for clients about the financial performance and status of the trust & company,
  • secured encrypted communication channel for the clients,
  • active asset management (investment of the bankable assets),
  • bank account opening for the trusts and the underlying companies, generally we always open bank accounts for the trusts and companies in Hungary. In the case of a request by a client we also open accounts in Denmark, Austria and Switzerland,
  • unit trusts with low, medium and high risk investment policies (a combination of cost effective asset protection and investment).