Asset management

Due to the flexible rules of the trust private asset management foundation relationship, the wide-ranging needs of settlors-founders and the diversity of trust assets, Primus Trust Corp. provides active and passive asset management services.

Active asset management:

Primus Group developed its own inhouse investment desk with highly trained and experienced professionals aiming at the most effective bankable asset management. Our professionals run the day to day trading, which is based on Primus’s own investment model. Our investment policy is backed by our analysts and data from Bloomberg. We offer low, medium, high and ultra-high risk investment policies taking into account the risk appetite of the settlor.

One of the advantages of investing through a trust is full discretion (privacy) as only the trustee appears on the market and does not need to disclose on whose behalf the trustee is acting. Therefore, the settlor can invest in a way which ensures that the settlor’s identity remains concealed from the market.

Primus Group also manages trusts which contain non bankable assets. In this case active asset management includes the supervision of the management, strategic decision making and controlling. The aim always is to protect the assets whilst producing yield in the form of dividends and capital gains using Primus Group's expertise.

Passive asset management:

If the settlor wishes to involve an external asset management provider, our role is to provide the proper administration and controlling for the asset management. In this case, our investment desk intervenes only if we see something highly irregular in the actions or performance of the external asset manager. Primus Group often takes over company participation, however, the actual management remains intact. Primus’ role in this case is the proper administration and control of the financial reports.